5 The Best Portable Solar Panel in UK (2023 Guide)

Photovoltaic (PV) cells in portable solar panel allow sunlight to be converted into electricity as a renewable energy source. They provide advantages including decreased energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint. The price of solar panels has dropped by 82% in the past ten years, so it’s not surprising that more and more people are switching.

You can get away from the daily worries of work and life by venturing out into the wilderness or taking to the open road. However, everything changes when your phone’s battery is only 5% charged or your emergency weather radio’s battery is low.

These portable solar panels are also useful if you only occasionally need to use solar energy to produce electricity. Additionally, portable solar systems are the ideal method to complete an existing rooftop panel installation. When it comes to parking in less than ideal solar spots, they give you some leeway.

What should I pay attention to when buying a Portable Solar Panel?

The first thing that you need to consider when buying a portable solar panel is its capacity. The more energy your panel can generate per day, the better off you’ll be energy-wise. You can also find panels with different wattage ratings depending on how much power they generate—so even if one brand has a higher wattage rating than another, it may not be enough if your needs are greater than that amount.

Do Solar Panels function on cloudy days?

If you can see outside, your solar panels are functioning, according to the usual guideline for solar panels. This is so that solar panels may generate power even in the absence of direct sunshine. Even while they probably won’t provide as much electricity on a gloomy day as they would on a bright, sunny day, you will still profit from them.

Do Solar Panels function in snowy conditions?

Contrary to what many people think, solar panels actually function better on chilly days than they do on hot, sunny ones. This is due to the fact that if they grow too hot, they may become less effective. Snow can increase the efficiency of solar panels by reflecting sunlight, and even when solar panels are covered in snow, light can still reach them.

Portable Solar panels are a great option for those who want to take care of the environment and save money at the same time. If you’re looking for a portable solar panel, there are many options out there, but not all of them are equal.

We’ve done our research on the top solar panels available in the UK in 2022 to help you make the best decision. We’ve examined prices, effectiveness, warranties, and power output while giving you some crucial factors to take into account when choosing your solar panels.

In this article, we’ll discuss 5 best portable solar panel in UK (2023 Guide) so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to finding the right one for you.

Best Solar Panels Portable  

1. BLUETTI PV200 200W Solar 

When off-grid or during dry camping, portable solar panels and solar generators are a terrific method to stay powered. You may effortlessly dangle your toes in the waters of solar energy with Bluetti’s PV120/PV200 solar panels.

The BLUETTI EB55 may be fully charged in 3.5–4 hours with a single BLUETTI 200W solar panel. The BLUETTI EB70 may be fully charged in 4.7–5.2 hours with a single BLUETTI 200W solar panel.

A 200-Watt monocrystalline solar panel called the BLUETTI PV200 has a high conversion efficiency of up to 23.4%. It offers superior 95% transparency, outperforming polycrystalline solar panels in low light, and outperforming the industry standard.

Friendly Reminder: This indicates whether the combined power of your gadgets is greater than 700W.

Waterproof: BLUETTI PV200 Waterproof junction box is IP65 rated, however you shouldn’t leave it out in the rain or snow all day. Additionally, avoid exposing the solar panels to snow or rain.

Compatibility: The foldable BLUETTI PV200 solar panel has an MC4 connector and is made to work with the majority of solar generators now on the market. It works particularly well with BLUETTI AC200P/EB240/EB150/EB55/EB70/AC50S/EP500 power stations.

Dimensions: The BLUETTI PV200 is lightweight (16.1 lbs), portable, and simple to set up anyplace. Its folded dimensions are 23.4″L x 24.8″W inches.

Advice: A number of variables, like sunshine intensity and the panel's orientation relative to the ground, affect the charging time. It evaluates 200W solar power in a lab. However, sunlight's intensity is continually fluctuating. Additionally, as the sun rotates, so does the angle at which the sun shines on the solar panel.

2. Jackery SolarSaga 100W Portable Solar Panel 

With a high conversion efficiency of up to 23%, the Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar Panel is excellent for use outdoors and even during unplanned power outages. The solar panel is more portable because it is lightweight, foldable, and has an easy-carry handle.

Two kickstands are included with the Solar Saga 100 and may be firmly set down on any flat surface. You may start using energy from the sun for your Jackery power station after just a brief setup period. When going on off-grid adventures, you can carry the device with ease thanks to the TPE rubber handle.

Water Resistance: The solar panel’s lifespan can be increased thanks to the ETFE-laminated case’s strength. Due to its IP65 water resistance, it will be shielded from water splashes (Do not place it under the rain, or soak it in water).  Power cords can be stored in the pocket and the power port is covered either by zippers.

Compatibility and Ports: This solar panel is perfect for off-grid camping and unplanned power outages. It is compatible with the Jackery Explorer 300/500/1000/1500 power station (available separately). In Solar Saga 100, there are 2 direct charging ports for small devices: 1* USB-C (5V, 3A) output port and 1* USB-A (5V, 2.4A) output port. 

Protection: Solar panels are affect by a variety of things, such as the light’s intensity and the panel’s inclination relative to the ground. 100W is already tested in a laboratory however, the light’s brightness fluctuates regularly in real. Additionally, when the sun rotates, so does the angle of light shining on the solar panel. Please check to see whether there is a shadow cast on your solar panel by testing it in direct sunshine.

Cleaning the Solar Panel: To clean the surface’s dust and filth, kindly use a soft cloth. To get rid of any last bits of dirt or dust, wipe the solar module’s surface with a moist cloth. To prevent a drop in performance, any guano or other adhesive, you should immediately remove it from the solar surface.

3. EXTRASOLAR 100W Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel Waterproof Off-Grid Solar Power System Charger for Camping and 12V Charging

Renogy’s Black Division 100W Lightweight Monocrystalline Solar Panel reduces weight while improving module efficiency. It is the ideal alternative for any off-grid solar power system, particularly for mobile applications like RVs and boats. This solar panel frame has a laminate and lightweight substrate that makes it ideal for outdoor use. 

This solar panel enhances electrical performance and power generation efficiency by combining high-efficiency (PERC) monocrystalline solar cells with half-cut cell technology. This panel comes with a junction box, solar connectors, and pre-drilled mounting holes for quick and simple installation.

High Power Output: The Renogy Black Division 100W Lightweight Monocrystalline Solar Panel has a daily output capacity of 500 Watt-hours (depending on sun availability). 

Simple to Move and Carry: The solar panel can be bent up to 240 degrees, making it suitable for most curved surfaces. It has a completely black, glare-free appearance and weighs only one-third as much as a rigid panel. 

Installation: The panel comes with 2.3 feet of long solar connector cables and mounting holes that have already been drilled.

Curved Surfaces: Because it can be bent within 240 degrees, it works with the majority of curved surfaces. presenting a glare-free, all-black appearance.

Extreme Weather Resistance: Able to withstand winds of up to 2400 Pa and snow loads of up to 5400 Pa. offer toughness in a hostile situation. Provide durability in a harsh environment.

4. Goal Zero Boulder 100 Solar-Panel Briefcase 

The carry case on the Boulder zips shut on the top side, which is the first thing you’ll notice about it. Instead of trying to lift the case inch by inch up over the heavy panels, so you can zip it shut from above, it would be far simpler to drape the case over the folded panel and zip it closed **under** the enclosed panels.

They are heavier than they actually are however, it is highly resistant when they dropped or broken. The thing weights approximately 60 lbs, and it’s all resting on these small little hinges.

High efficiency monocrystalline cells placed between tempered glass and a thin frame make up the panels’ structure. Mounting at any angle is quick and simple thanks to the kickstands. Corner guards in the shape of an L are a useful addition. 

Compatibility: The Yeti 150 or Yeti 400, among other energy storage devices from Goal Zero, are all compatible with the Briefcase. The battery capacity affects how long it takes to charge. Ideally, it can work with any 12V battery unit as it is a group of parallel-connected panels with a 14–22V output. 

Reminder: The set's have single pin output. This indicates that products other than Goal Zero's will need an adapter.

Easy to Use: The Boulder 100 Briefcase is simpler to use than conventional panels in two key ways. To connect to the power station, it has a single pin output rather than a positive and negative terminal. Additionally, You must constantly make the panel age to receive sunlight at a 90-degree angle. 

Each of the two panels in the briefcase has its own kickstand, making it simple and quick to put up the panel at an angle.

The fact that a 100W solar system can be purchased in a suitcase that is almost the size of a 50W panel is undoubtedly one of its primary selling points. However, the weight exceeds that of a conventional 50W panel by more than twice. Its portability is improve with a sturdy yet lightweight Al frame with protected corners.

Overall, if you need a camping companion with a small size and respectable power, the Boulder 100 Briefcase is a great choice. Also, The Goal Zero Boulder 200 briefcase is a wonderful choice for a more potent version of this product.

5. BLUETTI Solar Panel PV350

The BLUETTI PV350 solar panel is a dependable and affordable power source for charging your laptop, drone, fridge, electric drill, and other gadgets whether you’re at home or on the move. It does this by harnessing the power of the sun to produce renewable electricity.

With a folded size of 35.6*24.1*2 inches and a weight of 30.61lbs, the foldable and portable BLUETTI PV350 350w solar panel is lightweight and portable, making it simple for anybody to put up anywhere.

Splash-proof: This 350w solar panel is build up using cutting-edge laminated technology and long-lasting ETFE material on the surface, making it more robust, better at transmitting light, scratch-resistant, and simple to clean with a damp cloth. It is splash-proof and water-resistant to IP65 standards (Do not place it under the rain, or to soak in water).

Efficiency: A 350-Watt monocrystalline solar panel is used in the construction of BLUETTI PV350 to ensure a high conversion efficiency of up to 23.4%. This 350 watt Bluetti solar panel outperforms polycrystalline solar panels in low light thanks to its excellent 95% transparency. It has four fixed stands that guarantee that the panel receives direct sunshine, maximizing panel use.

Compatibilities: The BLUETTI PV350 solar panel has an MC4 connector, making it very compatible with the majority of solar generators now on the market. It works particularly well with BLUETTI AC200P/AC200MAX/AC300/AC300/EP500/EP500PRO/EB240/EB150 power stations.


All of these solar panels are a great choice depending on what your needs are, but you should always do your own research before making a purchase.

We can help you find the best deal if you’ve already decided to purchase portable solar panels.

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