Is it worth upgrading to new SimpliSafe?

Many homeowners place a high importance on home security, and new security systems are consistently being produced as a result of the quick development of technology.

Popular home security system SimpliSafe just released a new edition of its security system with upgraded capabilities.

But is switching to the new SimpliSafe worthwhile? To assist you in determining if the upgrade is worthwhile or not, we will examine the most recent features, costs, and advantages in this post.

SimpliSafe: A brief overview

What is SimpliSafe?

The home security system SimpliSafe is made to safeguard buildings from break-ins, fires, and other calamities.

The system comes with a variety of sensors, alerts, and monitoring gadgets that may be quickly setup by homeowners without the help of a technician.

SimpliSafe is a popular option for many households because of its low cost and simplicity of use.

Why is SimpliSafe popular?

SimpliSafe is well-liked in part due to its accessibility.

SimpliSafe is substantially less expensive and does not demand any long-term commitments or monthly costs when compared to other home security systems.

Also, the system is simple to set up and operate, making it a desirable alternative for homeowners that like do-it-yourself home security systems.

What’s new in the latest version of SimpliSafe?

Is it worth upgrading to new SimpliSafe?
Is it worth upgrading to new SimpliSafe? What’s new in the latest version of SimpliSafe?

Enhanced features of new SimpliSafe

The latest version of SimpliSafe includes a range of new features that improve the overall security of your home. Some of these features include:

  • Increased range: Homeowners may deploy sensors and gadgets farther from the central hub thanks to the new SimpliSafe’s extended range of up to 1000 feet.
  • Improved battery life: Because the new SimpliSafe devices have longer-lasting batteries, you won’t need to change them as regularly.
  • Better wireless connectivity: The newest wireless technology used by SimpliSafe guarantees that your devices are always connected and responsive.

Technology updates in new SimpliSafe

The new SimpliSafe system also comes with updated technology that makes it more efficient and effective. Some of these updates include:

  • Better camera resolution: The better resolution of the new SimpliSafe cameras makes it simpler to see what’s happening in and around your home.
  • Increased storage: You can store more video and data with the new SimpliSafe system because it has additional storage space.
  • Improved motion detection: The more sensitive, farther-ranging SimpliSafe motion detectors are now available.

Improved sensors and devices

The new SimpliSafe system also includes improved sensors and devices that provide better security for your home. Some of these sensors and devices include:

  • Glass break sensors: A typical point of entry for robbers, the new SimpliSafe has glass break sensors that can hear the sound of breaking glass.
  • Smoke detectors: The updated SimpliSafe smoke detectors are more sensitive and have a larger range for heat and smoke detection.
  • Panic button: In case of an emergency, the new SimpliSafe has a panic button that is simple to press.

The benefits of upgrading to new SimpliSafe

Better security features

Better security features in the new SimpliSafe system can help safeguard your home and family from break-ins, fires, and other catastrophes.

The new SimpliSafe is more adept at identifying and warning you of potential hazards thanks to upgraded sensors and gadgets.

More advanced sensors and devices

The updated SimpliSafe system has more sophisticated sensors and equipment that boosts home security.

The new SimpliSafe is a more complete security system than the old SimpliSafe, with glass break sensors, smoke detectors, and panic buttons.

Ease of use

Also, the new SimpliSafe system is simpler to operate than the old one.

The new SimpliSafe devices are more dependable and quick thanks to better battery life and the most recent wireless technology.

The technology is also simple to set up and can be controlled by a straightforward app.

Increased flexibility

Also, the new SimpliSafe technology is more adaptable than the old one.

Homeowners will have more alternatives for home security if they can deploy sensors and gadgets farther from the main hub thanks to improved wireless connectivity and range.

FAQs: Is it worth upgrading to new SimpliSafe

Q: Is it difficult to upgrade to the new SimpliSafe system?

A: No, upgrading to the new SimpliSafe system is easy and straightforward. 

Simply purchase the new devices and sensors, and follow the instructions provided in the user manual or the SimpliSafe app.

Q: Will I have to pay for monthly monitoring fees if I upgrade to the new SimpliSafe?

A: No, you will not have to pay for monthly monitoring fees if you upgrade to the new SimpliSafe system. 

SimpliSafe does offer a professional monitoring service for a fee, but it is optional and not required for using the system.

Q: Will my existing SimpliSafe devices work with the new system?

A: Some existing SimpliSafe devices may work with the new system, but it is recommended to purchase the new devices for the best performance and security. See new devices here.

Conclusion: Is it worth upgrading to new SimpliSafe?

The new SimpliSafe system provides a range of new and improved features that enhance the security and ease of use of the system. 

With more advanced sensors and devices, increased flexibility, and better wireless connectivity, the new SimpliSafe is a more comprehensive and effective security system than its predecessor.

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